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Scott Lund Design Philosophy

My design philosophy follows some simple rules I have developed.

  1. Unique
    - A web site is an extension of your business and therefore needs to be unique to properly reflect both you and your business.
  2. Simple
    – By keeping a website simple, your customer will be able to find the content they require quicker and easily. (This leads to my next point.)
  3. Efficient
    – Customers want webpages faster and faster these days, and with this in mind an in-efficient website can be the thing that makes a potential customer leave your site. I design with efficience in mind.
  4. Easy to navigate
    – Navigation is possibly the most important part of your website. Once a customer comes to your site, they need to be able to navigate around effectively and efficiently.
  5. SEO
    – Search Engine Optimization. Front page is where you need to be. Through careful design and good content I can achieve good rankings
  6. Compatible
    – With people having a choice of browsers to view websites, its important to build a website that is compatible with as many as possible. By using correct, industry standard code, your web site will be accessible to more clients.
  7. Affordable
    - The all important question, "How much?" I believe there is no point reinventing something if it works fine. By using open source code that is tried and tested, I can save time and money for each and every customer.


Inspire, communicate and captivate your customers. Take your business to the next level and engage your clients online.

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